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AUGUST 4, 2015


This is WESTERN HYPNOSIS, title track of Polarized upcoming debut album,

and fourth song made available by Mighty Music.

On this one, you got both music and lyrics! Give it whirl and spread it around:





JULY 1, 2015


Mighty Music has just revealed another song included in Polarized debut album ~ This one is called RISE ~ Stream it and spread it around!




JUNE 4, 2015


Mighty Music has just revealed one of the songs included in Polarized debut album.

This one is called RECIPE FOR DEATH ~ Stream it and spread it around!…/polarized-recipe-for-death




MAY 4, 2015


Find here below the track listing for Polarized debut album, Western Hypnosis:


The Seventh Sin

Wish 'Em Well

Recipe for Death

Black Loyalty


Permanent War


Western Hypnosis



APRIL 20, 2015


Polarized is part of Target Group / Mighty Music! Check them out @ ~ Polarized debut album, "Western Hypnosis," will be released in the Fall of 2015. More news in due course.



APRIL 10, 2015


Negotiating a record contract to release debut album.